Advantages of Using the Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot is Facebook's answer to Twitter and Facebook Search. This application uses the Facebook social network to search for the topics and information you are searching for. This is useful in situations where you know the exact information you need, but it is not on your timeline. You could use this application as a replacement for Google or Yahoo! Search because it updates in line with the information you have typed in.

The Facebook Messenger Bot was initially introduced to test the waters of Facebook apps. A Facebook engineer Richard Taylor made the discovery that Facebook chat bots can perform basic tasks that help your Facebook customers. To start with, Facebook Messenger Bot eliminates the need for a human moderator. By typing in a question, you can get a user response that has been formatted to make it look more friendly and human. If you want, you can even get a business verification instead of a simple yes/no question.

The Facebook Messenger Bot can be used in many Facebook applications. When I first discovered the Facebook chatbot, I made sure it would be easy to integrate into an existing Facebook page. As it turns out, you do not need to be an engineer to be able to build one. The Facebook software engineers have integrated the chatbot into the Facebook web page. All you need to do is sign up and add the Facebook account of your customer service department. In minutes, the Facebook page will be ready for use.

Since the Facebook Messenger Bot was released, I have heard from many customers and clients. Many of them are excited about being able to get one of these easy-to-use chat bots. As I had mentioned in my previous blog post, Facebook chat bots are free to use. This means even small businesses or home business owners can take advantage of this technology.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is also ideal for businesses that have a mobile app. You can easily create a Facebook mobile app using the Facebook builder tool. In just a few minutes, you can have an app ready for testing on Facebook mobile devices. Once you have an app running, you will be able to conduct live chat sessions with your customers. Of course, you will be able to send them messages and share files through the Facebook mobile app.

What's more, the Facebook Messenger Bot offers major advantages compared to other web applications. First, you have chat support. When you use any other web application, such as a browser, you cannot chat with a customer because the browser does not support the standard protocol for chatting. You need to use an intermediary application, such as a Java servlet, to chat with your customers. This is not the case with messenger bots. Bots can chat with any Facebook member, regardless of their location.

Second, the Facebook Messenger Bot makes it easy for you to provide real-time customer service. Customers love the fact that they can chat with a company representative without waiting around in the customer service line. Since Facebook has not yet developed its own in-house customer service center, the bots provide a first-rate alternative. Moreover, Facebook Messenger Bot eliminates the need for designing a web site and getting it registered with hosting providers. There are no hosting fees involved, so building your own web site can be a daunting task.

As you can see, the benefits of the Facebook Messenger Bot are vast. These are only a few examples of the ways these bots can help your business. If you want to learn more about chatbot technology and how to integrate it into your own Facebook marketing strategy, contact a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media and chatbot technologies today.