All About About Car Paint

The process of fading car paint color and decreasing its quality is a natural process. Some of the reasons for this degradation are UV rays and chemicals. Hazardous chemicals that touch the car body usually object that we are familiar with. 

The following description can give you good information about how to maintain the car color:

Bird and insect droppings – In fact, cleaning bird droppings while it's still wet is easy. But you are often underestimated or don't have time to clean it up quickly. These chairs are very difficult to clean when dry. 

Car Paint

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In this case, you should be careful to clean dry bird droppings as they can scratch your car's paint. Sometimes when someone has a hard time cleaning up dry bird droppings, they will paint the area with faded paint. 

Air pollutants – As you know, air contains many chemicals in gaseous form. With high air pollution, such as in big cities, there is a large amount of nitric acid (HNO3). Well, this nitric acid is corrosive to your car paint or in the form of gases and liquids.

Polishing machine – Although these supports are designed to lighten the car paint, you need to be careful when using the pads. Polishing work by scraping paint with abrasive materials. These materials can shorten the life of automotive paint. 

Therefore, you should avoid using a polishing machine whenever possible. You can even search online for more information about car paint.