All About Bomboniere You Need To Know

Bonbonniere, an Italian term that means a favor or small gift given to guests following special occasions like weddings, is what bomboniere actually refers to. The bonbonniere, unlike the American idea, is made of Jordan almonds. Its colors and quantities vary depending on the occasion.

For weddings, the traditional bomboniere in Melbourne usually includes five white sugared almonds. This is to represent wealth, happiness and fertility. It can also be used for other occasions such as a baptism, birthday, or graduation. A silver version is used for a 25 year wedding anniversary.

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The sugared almonds can then be placed in a small bag made of satin or tulle and tied with one of the coloured ribbons. You can also decorate the favour with dried flowers or artificial paper flowers. You can also place the whole bag in a container made of glass, silver crystal, porcelain, or ceramic.

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating your own wedding bomboniere. You can even go against the grain and give other sweet treats in the bag, instead of the Jordan almonds. You can add your personal style to the bomboniere and make everyone happy with your thoughtful token of appreciation.

The bomboniere can be ordered ready-made at a website that sells wedding favors or you can make them yourself. This option allows you to save money and add personal touches such as a poem, short verse, or a note.

These sugary treats can also be ordered so you have more time for decorating the bags and containers. Making the candies is a wonderful and thoughtful task, but you have little time to do other important things for the wedding.