Are You at Risk For Breast Cancer?

Usually, breast cancer is treated when there is a team of doctors that work together. These doctors specialize in the field of surgery, oncology, radiation, medicinal treatments for cancer. The tumor in the breast can sometimes be big and grow very slowly or be small but grow very fast. 

The process of breast cancer treatment can also vary from case to case. If the cancer is detected in the early stages, it is suggested by breast specialist physicians to remove the tumor completely. 

This process is usually divided into two steps. Firstly they will remove a portion of the tissue which is healthy and around the tumor. If the entire portion is not removed in one operation, they might even operate twice to ensure no cancer affected cells are left. 

The second step is for the rest of the tumor where chemotherapy and radiation are used. Sometimes, the entire breast is also removed. Depending on the doctor's advice, the skin can be preserved along with the nipple. 

In such cases, breast reconstruction is also suggested if the patient so desires. This can be done by a breast surgeon by using tissues from another part of the body. It can be done immediately after the removal of the breasts.