Best Marinade For Chicken, Adding Flavor To Healthy Eating

Chicken, sans the skin, is a staple for healthy eaters. It's high in protein and if prepared properly, low in fat.

Coming up with the perfect marinade can offer a delicious foundation for dozens of different interesting meals which crushes the misconception that eating healthy means sitting down to bland, uninteresting food. Whenever you are feeling hungry you can buy chicken from fresh chicken supplier via

A word of advice – try to steer clear of those store-bought versions as they tend to take along less than stellar nutrition matters. Nothing beats the homemade variety since you can save sodium and other preservatives while guaranteeing a moist and delicious meal as an end product.

Family members know that I'm a self-confessed chicken eater. I love it regardless of how it's cooked. My sister makes the best spicy chicken adobo and it's one of my ultimate comfort foods.

But there's more to marinades than the good old soy sauce, black pepper, and calamansi combination. As I stay committed to watching over what I eat, I've gathered five of the best healthy chicken marinades that I plan to kitchen test in the next few days to add variety to my meals.

Simple healthy dinner recipes are a no-brainer once you learn to mix and match what's in your kitchen. Just remember that once your meat/chicken has been drenched in a marinade of choice, it may be loaded with fats and low in nutrients.

Learn to gather basic ingredients – herbs, spices, fruits, and oils – that will add both flavor and nutrition to your marinade.

Poultry should be cooked within two days of marinating for the flavor to be maximized. Over-marinating can either cause food to be so tender or tough as nails depending on the acid (vinegar, lemon, wine, etc.) that was used.