Buying Gift Hampers Online

You go online to buy a gift for a loved one – because it is quick, simple, and hassle-free. But there are a lot of websites out there and you might not be confident placing your order. 

So here's a simple checklist with some easy to note indicators of whether a website is reputable or not, and what to expect when dealing with an online business to ensure your order is delivered as requested. You can buy gift baskets online, from various online sources.        


What makes a delivered gift from an online store different is that the recipient is distinct from the person who orders the gift. Whilst much of the hype about internet scams and fake businesses is indeed hype, there are some easy-to-spot identifiers of a genuine website.

1. Read the about us page. The About Us page is like the profile or account page for the business. For sure it will still have a certain measure of sales pitch and marketing talk, but also useful information on the business. An email address should be available to answer your queries. 

2. Does the business have a physical address and phone number? Although you are buying online and expecting delivery by courier, a website offering an address and location instills confidence even if it is a warehouse that does not welcome walk-up customers. 

3. Does the business have a privacy policy? A Privacy Policy is an important indicator of a business's professional code of conduct and acts as a safeguard that your credit card details will not be shared or given to outside sources.