Camping On The Beach Of Moreton Island

The beach at night on Moreton Island is an unforgettable moment of your life outdoors camping. The joy of waking up each day and falling asleep every evening to the sound of the waves and the enchantment of having a front-row view of the sunset and sunrise could be an experience that you cherish for the rest of your life. 

But, camping at the beach can be an intense weather exposure, and can turn out to be extremely unpleasant in the event of bad weather. Be prepared for every possible scenario and you'll enjoy the fun you've ever had. You can also contact a Moreton Island 4WD camping guide to explore more destinations for camping.

A beach is a place with certain elements that are part of the area, such as salt, wind, and sand. Rain is part of any outdoor activity, therefore we'll assume you're prepared for the rain. If you're camping in tropical regions, be prepared for the noise of the roosters, hens, and dogs.

If you're planning to camp during the time of hurricanes, be aware of hurricane-related procedures within Moreton Island. Are evacuation plans for your beachfront campsite? It's possible that it's not the type of hurricane you'd expect, but more like the constant shore winds which make it challenging to light an open fire or keep the camp stove running. 

The first thing to do is bring extra tarps or ropes to make your windbreak on your own. Also, be sure to wear rain gear that can be used to act as wind equipment, i.e. trousers and jackets, because no matter how heavy your sweater or sweatshirt the winds will get into your clothing and cause you to be miserable.