Cardio Exercise – How To Choose The Best Exercise

On the first day of each year, millions of people adopt their New Year's resolution of losing weight to some degree. But in some months very few will achieve their goals, others will not. Obviously, they forgot the resolution in a month or they didn't develop it effectively. 

One of the main reasons for failure is very simple – lack of persistence. Let's see how to do cardio exercises in a simple and effective way. However, if you also want to get results faster then you can try this out.

Cardio workout

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Every day, upon reaching their gym, many people in this world will run to the treadmill and walk slowly for 30 minutes or even 1 hour. At first, they were able to lose weight, but they couldn't reach the goal because they didn't know anything about cardio. Some people may assume that you are doing longer and harder cardio. But it never gives the best results you expect. This way we don't burn body fat.


One of the best ways to burn fat is to do cardio in interval sessions; to switch the intensity of our training between easy and difficult for a certain period of time/interval. The treadmill/ergometer is very easy to effectively switch between simple and difficult exercises during unit intervals.


Another option is high-intensity weight training to burn fat. Many people think that if they work harder, they can build bigger muscles. In fact, it is very difficult to build big muscles. Therefore, to achieve this, they use exercise inefficiently and in the end, there will be no reduction in body fat. Constant burning of fat should be achieved through regular cardio workouts.