Choose The High Performance LED Lighting In The UK

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a source that operates at a lower voltage than traditional fittings. It also  produces a much higher level of illumination than older lighting units. A strip is created when several of these fittings are connected together. 

There are many types of LED strips available depending on the application. Initially, only regular colored LED lights were available. You can read more about the RGB color-changing varieties and a larger range of LED colors. 

rgb led

There are two types of LED tape: one is rigid and the other is flexible. The rigid strips are just LEDs installed in a plastic casing. They are also known as LED bars and can be mounted on aluminum casings with water or moisture-proofing coatings. 

Flexible LED tape is a type that comes mounted on adhesive backings or sticky tape. It can be customized to meet the requirements of the user and the space.

To form a flexible LED strip, many LED bulbs are attached by adhesive tape to the flexible conductor. The bulbs glow when power is applied to either the conductor or electrode. These tapes can be cut to any size.

Since they could only emit very limited illumination, LEDs were primarily used as indicator lights in the UK. LEDs can now produce sufficient lighting to allow for a variety of lighting applications. 

They are not easily damaged and can be used to reduce replacement costs. They produce very little heat and don't contain any harmful substances, making them both safe and easy to use.

LED products are easy to find. Top-rated companies in the UK offer a wide range of high-quality RGB LED strip lights that will last a lifetime.