Curtain Cleaning Basics That Any Homeowner Should Know

Curtains have other functions besides making your window look beautiful inside and outside your home. For one thing, they help control the light. Two, they help block dust from freely entering your home through an open window. Three, the curtains provide a bit of privacy in terms of how your interior looks. For these reasons alone, cleaning the curtains is mandatory enough.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your curtains clean.

1. Consider the fabric

The color and thickness of the curtain are some considerations before cleaning begins. Some curtains even require vacuuming, while others can be cleaned with cold water and a small amount of detergent. For best results, search for curtain cleaning near me and get the required results in no time.

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2. Think about how you wash

The way you wash your curtain varies purely according to your preferences. Some prefer to wash their hands because they believe that it will not damage the physical attributes of the curtains much. Some prefer machine wash. Others turn to dry and steam cleaning.

3. Drying reminders

Some curtains are made from delicate materials that require special handling when drying. When using a tumble dryer, you shouldn't let it dry completely before taking it off. It causes wrinkles that will give you extra work when ironing. Others prefer to dry the curtains in the sun but not so much if it has a light color. Light colors fade easily when exposed to the sun.

Additional tips include that you start dusting from the top to down. This ensures hassle-free dusting while targeting hems and pleats. If you are dusting a curtain that has one side discolored from constant exposure to sunlight, be sure to keep the same side facing the sun.