Difference Between Defect Tracking and Bug Tracking Software

Modern computer technology has enabled consumers to access a wide range of complex processes and systems for creating products and services. This allows them to be more like the product or service they bought ten years ago. The downside to more complex technology is that it initially has more flaws than older, simpler technology. This makes finding a solution for these issues a necessity. The software development industry is an example of modern technology having a sister technology.

Software programs are the foundation of any software company. However, software must be free of defects and "bugs". This is why issue tracking software is vital to the software developer's business as well as the software's life cycle. Companies that want to invest in bug tracking should be aware of the differences between issue tracking software and defect tracking software. 

Defect tracking software, like bug tracking programs, allows users to create automated reports about problematic software issues. Defect tracking software can be used to report on hardware issues for a wide range of consumer electronics. You can use defect tracking software to improve help desk support by diagnosing dependencies chain problems.

Most help desk software is built on bug tracking and issue tracking tools. A consumer can report an issue to a product specialist who will resolve it. Defect tracking software is used in the manufacturing industry to authorize returns.