Donations For Nodding Syndrome Sufferers

Nodding syndrome, an epidemic epileptic disorder causing severe brain damage, has been reported to have affected approximately 1,834 children in the northern region.

The cause of the disease is not known. Children are being treated with anti-epileptic drugs but only in asymptomatic ways. To help the people suffering from nodding syndrome you can visit

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The qualitative study included 10 semi-structured interviews of caregivers of children with disabilities and five focus groups discussions with 23 participants, including relatives, teachers, and religious leaders.

From July 2012 to September 2012, data collection and participant observation took place in the districts. Inductive thematic analysis was used to code the material.

Nodding syndrome has caused discrimination in school admissions procedures. This was due to a fear of transmission.

Participants felt that nodding was seen as a threat to Acholi and that intervention had been delayed because of the collective suffering and loss. There are many theories about the cause of nodding syndrome.

Most commonly, it is believed that chemicals from bombs or food aid that were distributed in IDP camps were responsible.

The study revealed the views of people affected by an emerging disease. The families of children who have been affected by an unknown disease are not only grieving the illness but also the loss of their social value and family lineage.

Nodding syndrome is a form of suffering that can be experienced in the context of wider social suffering caused by violent conflict. The nodding syndrome can be understood by considering the omnipresence of war's memory.