Email Management: This Will Cure The Inbox Clutter

Your email inbox a productivity tool or an energy drain?

This tool, which is supposed to replace paper and increase productivity through speeding up contact, has been described as taking between 20-30% of employees' work time.

Is this a sign that productivity is increasing? How can we manage the email monster? A system is like the foundation of any success. You can also get more information about the email management system from

1. Separate in-boxes

Are all your emails going to the same address? This can lead to overwhelm. At least two email addresses are required. You should have one email address for work and another for fun. You should not mix them – it will reduce productivity. On the other hand, you don't want too many email addresses. 

2. It must be empty every day

Do you find it stressful to stare at papers piled up on your desk? Just as a paper overload can lead to the same feeling, an overloaded inbox in the email will also cause it. I have a rule made of paper. If I touch it, I will deal with it. The same applies to email. Answer immediately if it is opened. Your work email should be emptied every day. 

3. Setup Filters and Folders

Your folders should be set up in a way that is intuitive to you. You can make them archives (where all your emails with the same subject are kept until they are deleted) or you can set them up to be handled in the future but at a specific time (e.g. You have files that are set up to deal with certain days of the week, such as a tickler.