How can you deal with fatigue at work?

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Fatigue is a term used to describe the overall feeling of tiredness or lack of energy. It is different from feeling tired or sleepy. When you are fatigued, generally, you don't have any motivation or energy. Being sleepy might be a symptom of fatigue, but it is not the same thing as it is a common symptom of several medical conditions ranging from mild to severe. You need to connect with the doctor if your fatigue does not resolve with proper rest, nutrition, or mental health condition. The doctors can help you diagnose the cause of your fatigue and work it out.

Tips for dealing with workplace fatigue

Leave work at work

When you join an online basic fatigue management course, the expert will teach you that you might feel more informed and prepared to deal with challenges when you leave work devices on throughout the evening and weekend or if you even continue to check your email after clocking out of the day. When workers or clients cannot always be reached, it often becomes nearly impossible to entirely leave work, especially when you are working from home. You are expected to handle work concerns outside of your scheduled hours and talk with your supervisor about setting some clear boundaries.

Asks for health

If you are too tired, then you should ask for help. You might worry that requesting support will suggest weakness or capability, but your employer likely wants to do the best job, so they can't support you in achieving the goal unless they know you are doing well overall.