How does Fused Glass Work?

Fused glass is created when two or more layers of different types of glass are heated and then fused together. The result is a strong, sturdy window or door that can be opened and closed with little effort.

The basic steps for creating fused glass are: heating the glasses to a high temperature, adding the filler (such as sand, rice, or other particles), and then blowing the mixture into a mold. The heat helps the filler melt and fuse together, while the air pressure creates a strong bond between the layers of glass.

Tips for Working with Fused Glass

1. Read the instructions carefully before beginning your project. Fused glass is a complex and sophisticated art form, and if you don't have the basics down, your pieces may not turn out as you expected.

2. Use a kiln that is properly calibrated and maintained. A poorly calibrated or improperly heated kiln can lead to cracked or broken pieces.

3. Take your time when shaping your pieces. Fused glass is an intricate art form, and it's important not to rush the process. If you over-shape your pieces, they may become difficult to work with and eventually break. You may also get navigated to this link to order the fused glass supplies in Canada

4. Be cautious when using hot tools. Heating up metal tools can cause them to expand, which can lead to cracks in your glassware. Instead, use hot tools sparingly or wait until the piece has cooled before handling it.

5. Be patient – fused glass takes time to cool and cure properly. Even after completing a project, it's important to allow the piece to cool down before handling the glass. If you're using a torch, always wear protective gloves and glasses.

6. Clean your pieces with care. Take a damp cloth and wipe off your glassware between uses – especially if you're working with hot tools or are inexperienced in opening your kiln doors.

7. If you notice any cracks or breaks developing in your pieces, check with your instructor before completing work on another project. Fused glass is delicate and can be easily damaged while working with it. (You can also check out this article on how to make glass art .)