How To Choose The Best Gaming Monitor In Australia?

There are many things that you can consider while choosing the monitor for gaming. Some of the things which you should keep in mind are:

Understanding the monitor technology

1. Refresh rate and response time

The average monitor updates at 60 Hz, but gamers should choose up to 144 Hz or 165 Hz. Higher frame rates are better and result in a much smoother experience, especially with shooting games. You can also check out here if you are looking to get the best monitor online.

The response time shows how long the pixels last per cycle. You want to look for low response times – 5ms is good for casual gamers, but 1ms is good for experienced and professional gamers – and combine that with higher refresh rates for the best gaming experience.

2. Screen size

Today, 27-inch and even 32-inch gaming monitors are becoming more common and affordable. An important consideration in determining the ideal size for your gaming monitor is resolution.

Having the same number of pixels on a 21-inch monitor as on a 32-inch monitor can make pixels appear stretched on a larger screen, which can lead to jagged edges of objects in games and a lack of definition, from your games.

3. Video input and function

The best gaming monitors usually have a separate HDMI input for connecting a console or computer. Some high-end graphics cards offer DVI and DisplayPort compatibility; However, this can be too high for most gaming needs.

4. Monitor panel technology

Many companies offer the fastest response times, with speeds of up to 1ms and refresh rates of up to 240Hz. If you're the only spectator – like most gamers in gaming – then this is a great choice for your gaming monitor.