How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner with a Split System

With the summer sun rising high and reflecting the scorching heat on you, a split air conditioner looks like a big break. However, you want this machine to run smoothly and not move. 

They want them to give you quality air, not be messy or lead a passive life. Therefore, maintaining your split system cooling should be a major concern to ensure the engine is running properly, even if the mercury continues to rise.

How to Clean an Air Conditioner - A Complete Guide - Cielo Breez

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But how to do it? How do you take care of the machine and take good care of it? Here are some things you can do to improve system performance:-

Pay attention to the filter:- The filter is the most important part of the machine. They protect against dust and germs and therefore tend to accumulate dirt very easily. Change the filter every two to three months to avoid clogging. Remember, the only way to get clean air is with a clean filter. Also, the dirtier your filter, the more expensive it will be to maintain and repair the engine.

Module fan service:- Device fan damaged by dirt or loose blades. Get rid of the hard, dirty blades today. Open the device and clean the fan thoroughly. Tighten loose blades and clean with a mild detergent. Dry well before closing the device and turning on the power.

Cleaning the compressor:- The compressor in your split air conditioner uses low pressure and low volume gases and converts them to high pressure, high volume gases ideal for engines. It also protects the vaporizer from accumulating money. To keep the engine running smoothly, it is important to keep the compressor clean. Use oil made specifically for the cleaning process.