Important Things to Consider Before Applying For Canadian Student Visa!

Canada's universities and educational institutions have been engaging in intensive promotional activities over the last few years to increase awareness and encourage international students to study in Canada. CEC (The Canadian Education Center), a non-profit organization, has the responsibility of marketing and promoting Canada as a destination for study and an excellent provider of education services.

Two main reasons for taking a Canada study visa are:

What is a student visa? What do I need to prepare for a student visa?

  • Higher education standards and internationally renowned universities are comparable to those in the US.

  • Education costs are still relatively low.

If you're tempted to study at any of the Canadian universities, here are some things you should consider, especially if your goal is to settle in Canada after you have completed your education and get a good-paying job.

  1. International students may be subject to a higher tuition fee than Canadian students. You will also have to pay higher living costs.

  2. International students cannot work for less than a certain number of hours per week. You must ensure that you have the financial means to pay for your education and living expenses in Canada.

  3. Students should research the Canadian institution or university they want to study at. You should not be influenced by attractive brochures, websites or audiovisual presentations. Many times, Indian educational institutions visit India to promote students. They offer only a handful of basic diplomas that allow them to pursue university-level education. Consult immigration consultants to help you choose the right university and complete the Canadian immigration process.

  4. Asking graduate students at the university to give you a syllabus would be a smart idea. It is a good idea to speak with former students of the university. This will help you get a true picture of the quality of the education offered. Don't be attracted by the university's glowing testimonials and sweet talk.

  5. Talk to your immigration specialist and they'll tell you that students who have been in Canada for more than 8 months can apply for a work permit to join a job once they have completed a degree or passed courses. This type of permit is called 'practical Training'. However, it can sometimes be difficult for international students to get a job that suits their needs as many employers prefer local students.

These things will help you make the transition to Canadian student life as smooth as possible.