Jumping Rope Techniques For Beginners

There are many who do not know how to jump, so these guidelines must be strictly followed for those who are just beginning. Each exercise you perform using the jump rope needs the arms by your side, and the middle rope should be placed in the front of your feet. The best skipping rope workout for beginners offers several unique health benefits .


jumping rope



The following are some jumping techniques :

  • Beginner's Technique

Make sure that the rope is in front of your feet. Once you begin, you'll move the rope, which will cause it to cross above your head. The swinging motion is controlled with your hands. The jumps you perform should be performed with your "feet". 

  • Back Jump

It's exactly the same as the previous step, with the fact that before you begin jumping, the rope must be right in the front of your feet. ensure that you jump by putting your feet together.

  • Jog Step Jump

It's identical to the basic jump step, with the exception that you do not put your feet in a straight line. Do the skipping step in a running manner.

  • Zigzag Jump

It's like the basic jump but your arms are to be crossed over one another.

  • Double Under

This will require a lot of practice on your part. Once you are comfortable with the routine, you can try doing the perfect stunt. Swipe the rope out from beneath your feet two times for each jump you make.

  • Square Jump

Create a square by putting chalk on the floor. This will help you get started with this kind of jumping.