Know About The Types of Laser Marking Machines

Laser marking can be used to mark or label a variety of materials with a laser beam. Laser marking techniques include foaming, annealing, and staining as well as removing and engraving. The quality of the finish and the material will determine the preferred method. 

Plastics (Polycarbonate, ABS), foils, laminates, and metals (copper and platinum, titanium and bronze, gold and silver) are some of the most widely used materials. You can get the services of laser marking at

Laser Marking

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These are the four main types of laser marking machines:

1. Engraving

Laser engraving machines heat the top of the material, melting it slowly and then evaporating. Laser beams are a fast and effective way to remove material. After the material has been removed, it leaves behind an impression of a logo, text, or another mark.

2. Moving

Laser removal of the topmost layer of the material is done by the laser beam. This creates a contrast between the colors in the various layers. This technique is best used for laminates, coated metals, and films as well as foils and anodized aluminum.

3. Staining

The laser staining method uses heat from the laser beam to produce a specific chemical reaction. This allows you to create different colors through the material. 

4. Annealing marking

This technique is used to etch a wide variety of metals. It is possible to use a laser beam to cause an oxidation process that results in a change of color for different layers.

Laser marking offers many benefits, including the ability to work with small geometries and 1-point fonts as well as delicate graphics.