NY PRP Kits Comparison – Eclipse vs EmCyte Pure PRP

Incorporating effective platelet-rich plasma procedures into your orthopedic or aesthetic practice serves the needs of your patients by providing a low-risk option for many challenging conditions. Adhering to well-founded protocols and choosing the right PRP kit will significantly improve outcomes. There are two most commonly used kits available Eclipse and EmCyte. One can visit 5linebiologics.com/platelet-rich-plasma to buy Emcyte PRP in NY.

It’s vital for patients and physicians alike to understand the fundamental differences between the various PRP kits on the market and how these differences affect PRP platelet concentration. Third-party analysis shows that EmCyte PurePRP kits produce PRP with platelet concentration levels 6.7x higher than whole blood levels, while Eclipse PRP kits produce PRP with half the platelet concentration levels of whole blood. 

Third-Party Analysis of Commercial PRP Kits

Third-party analysis was conducted by Robert Mandle, Ph.D., who lead a team at BioSciences Research Associates (BSR) in 2016 to compare growth factor release and platelet concentration amongst commercially available PRP kits. BSR is an independent contract research laboratory located in Cambridge and once academically affiliated with Harvard Medical School. BSR is currently affiliated with the Immune

Disease Institute at Harvard and as such draws from a community of nearly 400 bioscience researchers. The BSR laboratory complies with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) to assist pharmaceutical and biotech companies in product development and clinical trial support.