Overcome Separation Anxiety in Dogs Before It Becomes A Problem

Separation anxiety can be a real challenge for puppies, so deal with it early on. The dog started his life in a safe environment with his mom and siblings. Of course, if he were to be moved from this security to a new home with new people, he would feel dread every time he was left alone.

However, understanding the basics of a puppy's separation anxiety won't cure it. If a puppy cries when abandoned, it is wrong to think that he will come out of the anxiety by itself. If you don't take steps, it will become a habit after the cause of the fear is gone. Training should take place slowly if you are dealing with a fear of anxiety in your dog. One can also cure dog separation anxiety by contacting a dog separation anxiety specialist.

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Feed your dog as usual and let him snuggle outside. Have fun for a while, then let it sit in a closed room for a while, say 15 to 30 minutes. Turning on the radio so the room isn't completely silent, is a good idea and can reduce your dog's separation anxiety.

When you return, enter the room quietly. Take a walk around the room, but don't pay attention to the puppy, just do the things you normally do in this room. It is important not to make eye contact with the dog.

After about five minutes, start playing with the puppy. The game should last about ten minutes, after which you leave the room again, this time a little longer.