Self Care Tips That You Can Do At Home

It is the time to treat yourself! If you’re not sure what to do, reach out to your skincare therapist to walk you through the steps of how to use them, they’ll probably be eager to mail you free samples. 

Here are the steps to give yourself a facial at home, this is the typical order of most skincare regimens:

Cleanser – Make sure to do what's called a double cleanse. Cleanse your skin first to remove makeup and residue and then again to actually clean out your pores. If you want proper care of your skin and if you are looking for a career in the beauty industry, then you can join a professional beauty salon in Bridgend.

Exfoliant – Whether just a simple scrub, enzyme, or an alpha-hydroxy acid exfoliating, the scrub removes dead skin cells and opens the pores for treatment serums.

Treatment Serums – Usually serums are to be put on before masking and again before moisturizing. Applying a serum before putting on a mask allows for deeper penetration of the treatment serum into the skin layers.

Mask – Masks can range from varying benefits like detoxicating, hydrating, firming, calming, treating acne, and much more. 

Treatment Serum – Applying another treatment serum before moisturizing will give your skin extra benefit.

Moisturizer – To hydrate your skin

Eye Creams – Delicately applied with your ring finger around your eye area. An additional tip is to keep your eye cream in the fridge to keep it cool which will help with puffy eyes. 

Sun Protection – So important, please do not forget this step especially after exfoliating. Whether it is in your moisturizer, makeup, or your stand alone make sure you're protected. 

Use essential oils to elevate your mood! 

Take a hot bath – Throw in some Pink Himalayan Salt to enjoy the benefits of improved sleep, breathing, and detoxification. When applying body lotion after your bath, take your time massaging it sending love and appreciation to your body as you do.