Simple Evening Make-Up Tricks To Make You Look Your Best

Dressing up for the evening automatically brings views of a scarlet pout or and black smoky eyes to your mind. Even the evening makeup may differ from season to season like the summer demands a lighter tone whereas the winter can be glammed up with a much more dramatic look. 

A professional makeup artist will always advise not to experiment just before the evening party; always have a dress and make-up rehearsal before a big evening. You can look for a professional makeup artist that will offer the best makeup artist services in Frisco online. 

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Metallic colors such as gold, copper, and bronze are perfect for an evening appearance, and they serve as timeless foundations for your evening makeup. 

  • While applying the foundation or concealer start from the inner corner underneath the eye and work outwards along with the dark shadow of the lower eyelids and brush or pat on an even coat all over the eye zone, from lashes to brows, including the hollows on either side of the nose. You may call in parlor services at home and avail their makeup services in case you are not too confident about doing all these steps efficiently.
  • Keep your eyes kohl-rimmed, with soft light gold-dusted over lids and up to the eyebrow, with a deeper color like a gold bronzer on the lids.
  • Apply a semi-matte ivory eyeshadow all over the eyelids. This is the first step in making your eye makeup last for up to 12 hours.