Tactics to make your business cards memorable

A business card is the companion of an entrepreneur and his most valuable marketing tool. Sadly, too many people have business cards that simply add to the crowd of garbage. A business card should be powerful and descriptive. Of course, it is impossible to learn how to get good cards. You can find the best custom Metal Cards from https://www.puremetalcards.com/.

How can your card be accumulated?

Think about the last trade show, networking event, seminar, convention, social hour, or association meeting you attended. How did people react to a business card? Did they accompany your design? Quickly shove it into your pocket? Show it to someone else? Smash it to pieces?

Whatever this answer, your card made some kind of impression. But only the many creative, unique and memorable business cards create UNFORGETTABLE impressions.

Located outside

Recently, I took 66 business cards that I had collected in the past and spread them out on a table. I closed my little brown eyes for 30 seconds, opened them, and took note of the letters that stood out among the many. And this is what I noticed:

Read – All cards that had red were highlighted.

Image: Only a few cards had images of this cardholder. This not only made them noticeable, but it also helped me connect meetings with names and companies.

Vertical – Multiple cards were formatted vertically, which in turn caught my eye.

Black Background – Most cards have a bleached background, so the black types REALLY stood out.