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Landscape Lighting – Uses, Types, and Styles

There are many options available to you when it comes to purchasing landscape lighting. You should consider where you want the source of your light. This can be altered by changing the height, shape, and direction of the lights.

You have the option of taller fixtures. These can be great if you're able to incorporate them into your design. They can reflect light off of many surfaces and textures, and can also throw out lots of light to the surrounding area.  You can also find various commercial lighting feature options online.

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For single accent lighting and lighting, tall fixtures are preferred to other styles and types. You can choose from a range of sizes and shapes, which can be used to cast different accents or bends of light and affect how the overall ambiance is perceived.

You have many options and products to highlight different architectural surfaces. Floodlights can be used to shine light upwards at different angles and directions on a landmark or statue. 

Floodlights can be used to highlight landscaping fencing and other architectural structures and surfaces that are visually interesting. You can use tier-styled lights to lighten your hedges. 

The tops can be removed and the light will go straight up or down. Also known as "well lights", these are low-profile and can be used to highlight different garden structures, or just a fence or wall.