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National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health: For Health Education

Founded in 1979, the National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is the UK's examination body. It is the responsibility of NEBOSH to establish a curriculum and methodology for assessing professional qualifications. 

This institute has expanded its NEBOSH national courses in many ways. Twelve years after its establishment, the institution was recognized as a limited liability company and recognized as a nonprofit in 1992 and accredited by QCA in 2000. Post-nominal qualifications were introduced in 2001. 

NEBOSH provides qualifications for health and safety in the workplace. The certificate awarded by him must contain:

 (a) National General Certificate for Health and Safety at Work

 (b) National Certificate for Health and Safety at Work

 (c) National Certificate for Fire Prevention and Risk Management

 (d) General International Occupational health and safety certificate

 (e) National certificate for environmental management

 (f) National certificate for health and welfare at work 

 (g) International certificate for health and safety in construction 

 (h) International technical certificate for the operation of oil and gas safety.

The benefit of a certificate level qualification is that when you lead a team, you gain a sound foundation in health and safety and become a more effective manager and executive of your organization.