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How To Choose The Best Physical Therapist in Annapolis To Treat Your Shoulder

If you are suffering from a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and you are looking for a physical therapist you must read this. There are a lot of good and bad physical therapists in Annapolis. All physical therapists require to have a university degree. You can choose the best physical therapy treatment session in Annapolis.

To choose the best physical therapist to treat your shoulder they require the following:

Bachelor or higher degree

All physical therapists must finish university with a bachelor's degree.

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If your therapist does not give you any exercises to perform on your first day of consultation, avoid going to the next consultation. Frozen shoulder is a serious condition and a few therapists do not give any exercises at all. Frozen shoulder will make your muscles very weak and stiff, if you don't do any exercises, you may develop long term complications.

Treatment Time

A normal session should be around 10 to 20 minutes long. During the session, he/she should at least give you 10 minutes of treatment time and two-three minutes of advice. Remember, you are paying for the time there and you expect the best customer service.

Always on Time

When you visit your therapist, he/she should always be on time. It is unprofessional for a therapist to be more than fifteen minutes late. If you're not happy with your therapist, you are allowed to change at any time.


Make sure the rooms and the therapist have good hygiene. All equipment should be sterilized for each patient and new towels should be replaced.

A patient should always feel safe and be treated with respect. There are plenty of good physical therapists but there are also a few unprofessional therapists. You can always find a good therapist by asking friends or family.