The Best Options for CCA Wires

The copper/aluminium structure was used to eliminate certain problems associated that aluminum wires face, but keep some of the advantages in cost. Cca has become extremely popular in emerging markets because it was a cost-effective alternative to the copper category 5e twisted-pair cables. So some advantages of CCA wire are:

* copper is lighter than pure copper.

* greater conductivity to electricity than pure aluminium

* stronger than aluminium.

Superior soldering capabilities than aluminium due to the absence of oxide, which hinders the adhesion of solder when soldering aluminium bare.

• less costly than pure copper wire

it is usually produced in 10 or 15% copper volume product

a recent piece written by mike gilmore of the fibre optic industry association revealed their concern that both the consumer as well as a large number of installers had been unknowingly making use of cca since they were not aware of the risks and were enticed by the cheaper price. 

Due to the increasing cost of copper, the less expensive option of cca is extremely appealing, and, if there isn't an understanding of the disadvantages there may be a higher hidden cost for those who've unintentionally chosen it as the option of choice, only to find that it does not meet requirements.