The Importance of Transmission Replacement Service

Transmission replacement service is important not only because it ensures the longevity of a vehicle’s engine, but also because it can help keep your car running smoothly. A clogged transmission can lead to decreased fuel economy and increased emissions, both of which can lead to costly repairs or even a car’s total loss. So what are the symptoms of a clogged transmission?

The most common symptom is an inability to shift gears properly. This can make it difficult to get going in the morning or during rush-hour traffic, and can also lead to frustrating rowing back and forth between gears. Other symptoms may include sudden acceleration or braking, difficulty starting the car, poor acceleration, and poor handling. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to get your vehicle to a qualified transmission replacement service.

A clogged transmission can lead to expensive repairs or even a car’s total loss, so it’s worth taking action before things get worse. While there are many factors that can contribute to a clogged transmission, one of the most common causes is dust and debris buildup inside the engine and transmission.

This build-up impairs the transmission’s ability to function properly. Another common cause of a clogged transmission is an obstruction in the fluid path between the transmission and engine such as a broken axle or a damaged gasket. This build-up can also get in the way of proper lubrication, which leads to rust buildup.

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