The Numerous Benefits Of Folic Acid

If you want to get pregnant there are many problems you have to spend. One of the main things that must be taken care of, when you are pregnant or if you plan to get pregnant, is to consume folic acid. It is very important for your baby's mental well-being because deficiencies can cause conditions known as NTD, abbreviations for neural tube defects.

You can buy the Methylfolate ( New Folic acid ) to get the health benefits. There are two types of neural tube defects that use names;

· Anencephaly – This is a brain disorder that occurs in the twenty -three week of pregnancy. In this special defect, the main part of the brain cannot close which causes the loss of the majority of the brain. 

· Spina Bifida – This special disease is associated with embryonic nerve tubes located near the spinal cord. Most of the spinal membrane cannot be closed and is usually exposed. Although it can be treated by taking folic acid or through surgery, most children born with this cannot survive.

So, if you plan to get pregnant, folic acid food can help reduce the possibility of this special disease that appears in your child. Pregnant women are advised to consume foods with high amounts of folic acid, at least four times a week during the period of their pregnancy.

The main goal in fetal development is the development of nerve bones. This is why folic acid deficiency causes incomplete nerve bone development in the brain and spinal cord area.