The Untold Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra can be viewed as a set of rules that must be followed when building or purchasing a house. It is more than that. In different contexts, the rules can mean different things. The principles must be understood in order to make the science applicable to different contexts. 

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This book explains Vastu Shastra's building blocks so they can be used in different contexts. The book also demonstrated how the building blocks can be applied to residential homes. 

It is also an excellent guide for anyone who wants to build a house from scratch. This guide provides A-Z guidance for the construction of a house, from selecting a location and plot selection to planning, construction, and developing a yard. 

It offers Muhurta at each stage of construction as well as remedies for any blemishes found in an existing house or apartment.

The book also covers interesting topics, such as the ones below:

1. Finding underground water resources

2. Find the most prosperous areas of your city and find a place or city that is compatible

3. Muhurtha, or good times for each phase of construction

4. How to do daily Pooja

5. Vaastu blemishes can be easily treated without having to make any adjustments in the home

6. Based on the Horary Chart, there are no Blemishes

We are confident you will discover new things and have a greater appreciation for the subject. You will have a greater understanding and a higher level of confidence than ever before. You will be able to easily correlate the events with Vaastu's design.