This is How you Become your Homes Pest Defender

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Whenever your house is invaded with rodents, bugs and other pests, then you should go offensive rather than waiting for defensive action. This way, you can get rid of them at the earliest rather than increasing the numbers. To eliminate pests, there are always various ways. Here are the ways where you yourself become the best pest defender for your home.

  1. Use Less Plants and Mulch – Pests love to invade indoor plants in order to live and survive. If your indoor plant has longer branch, then consider trimming them. Moreover, the mulch is a great destination for pests to live. Therefore, avoid using mulch and instead use rocks which offers less foundation to the pests.
  2. Close the Doors and Windows – The cracks and gaps of your doors and windows are a great source for the pest to enter and invade our homes. If you happen to see the gaps and cracks, then consider repairing or tearing down the screens.
  3. Check for Gaps and Cracks – Apart from the cracks and gaps of windows and doors, you should also look for the same of the exterior of your house. They are again another source for the pests to enter the home. Ensure you are checking for things like loose siding, roof shingles gone missing, cracks in the foundation, utility lines comprising of electric and cable wiring etc. make sure you seal the openings by the use of coarse steel wool, metal sheet, mortar, copper mesh.

These are the tips that help you to become a defender for pest control in Brisbane for your home.