Tips For Cleaning Gutters In NSW

Gutters are not self-cleaning tools. In order for rainwater to flow smoothly, you need clean gutters. Clean gutters mean a reliable roof that will protect and cover you for years. Cleaning gutters is no fun, but it is necessary for the maintenance of your home. Here are some tips to help you clean your gutters properly.

You work on your roof, a few feet off the ground. Follow basic safety rules to avoid personal injury. Wear work shoes with good traction to provide adequate support. Use gloves, protective eyewear and a protective hat if necessary. You can also look online for the best DIY gutter protection on the market to reduce your workload.

If you must work from a ladder, make sure it is tall and strong enough to support your weight. Reinforce the gutters with wooden sticks to prevent bending after you support the ladder on them.

Make sure the ladder is on a hard, level surface. Do not lean too far to one side to prevent falling. But know your limits. If your house is one story, then you might be able to work on your gutters.

However, if you have an apartment on two or three floors or even higher, it is best to leave the work to professionals. You may find the task more difficult than it looks, so don't overdo it.