Tips for First Time Drone Pilots

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After spending on your drone, open it but don’t fly it. When you invest in a drone, the first thing to do is to register your drone. After registration is done, the next thing to do is to start learning the basics like moving forward, backward, sideways, panning and more. All these things are necessary as amateurs make mistakes ending in crashing their drones and in some cases lose the drone for good. Therefore, to avoid making any form of mistakes, here are a few tips to do.

  1. Learn about the Batteries of your Drone – The batteries of the drone are what allows you to fly. It is important to understand the drone’s battery capacity before you start flying. For instance; the company may promise the drone to fly for a period of 30mins. However, the tests companies do are done indoors. But when you fly outdoors, the drone batteries won’t last for the entire 30mins since you have factors like flying speed, winds and others that affect the flying capacity.
  2. Learn about the Return-to-Home Setting – The return-to-home is a feature or setting that allows the drone to land back from the area it flew off. Using this feature helps the drone pilot to land their drones in a safe manner.
  3. Learn about the Weather – The weather is one of the reasons that tell whether or not you can fly your drone. Make sure that the weather remains clear before the takeoff. Drones are not meant to fly during the rains.

With these tips, you can also learn about drone videography in Perth from professionals.