Types Of Project Commercial General Contractors Do

When you are in the market to hire a commercial general contractor, your options are limitless. However, there is one key question on your mind before making a final decision: what does a commercial general contractor actually do? Take a look at this article that discusses what they do and how they help businesses like yours.

Commercial General Contractors typically work on a variety of projects, including: construction, renovation, maintenance, and design. They can also help oversee large-scale projects. 

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Some common types of projects Commercial General Contractors may work on include: stadiums, hospitals, schools, airports, and bridges. There are no specific educational or experience requirements for becoming a Commercial General Contractor. 

However, because CGC requires a Business Certificate (BC) from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, self-employed business people who wish to work as CGC must fill out an application form and attend courses in order to obtain their BC.

A commercial general contractor (CGC) is a professional contractor who specializes in large-scale construction and infrastructure projects. CGCs are responsible for a wide range of projects, from new construction to major renovations. They play an important role in the economy by creating jobs and contributing to the growth of the Construction industry.

Commercial general contractors typically have a higher level of experience than most other contractors. They are typically licensed and insured, and have access to a wider range of resources and expertise than most other contractors.