Visiting A Professional Eye Doctor In Northridge

There are several different types of eye doctors. Everyone should ensure they have an eye doctor with who they have regular checkups. From the age of 50, the eyes can start to deteriorate. Cataracts are more likely to develop and a range of other conditions can materialize. You can also look for the best optometric eye care center via

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If you make regular appointments with the eye doctor then they will be able to spot a problem immediately and begin treatment. If you can catch something early on then there may well be eye drops or small injections available that mean you don't have to undergo surgery at a later date.

An ophthalmologist is a person who we would generally refer to as the "eye doctor" because they are medically trained. They have to not only receive all the medical training that any other type of doctor does, but they must then go on to specialize in this area, receive further training and undertake a number of years gaining experience. 

An ophthalmologist is licensed to diagnose and treat all conditions of the eye. They can carry out all laser eye treatments too. There is another name for an ophthalmologist, and that is an oculist, although this is not such a commonly used term. 

An optician is also a health care provider associated with the eyes. Although they are not trained as doctors in medical school, they have regulated professionals who have to maintain standards of training and of practice. 

They are primarily focused on carrying out eye tests in order to be able to prescribe glasses and contact lenses. They may well notice additional problems with the eyes when carrying out eye tests but are unable to make a diagnosis or carry out any sort of treatment.