What Are Core Holes And How To Drill A Hole In Your Floor.

CORE HOLES are holes drilled horizontally in the floor slab which is used for creating a draft for the foundations of a building, or to provide drainage.

What Are Core Holes?

Core holes are small holes that are drilled into the floorboards of a house or other structure in order to install electrical cables and other essentials. They're also used for other purposes, such as installing plumbing. 

How to Drill a Hole in Your Floor

If you have a piece of wood that you want to use as a drill bit for drilling holes in your floor, there are a few things that you need to know about core holes you can simply Click here  to collect all the information you are unaware of.

First, the smaller the hole that you're trying to make, the more accurately you'll be able to drill it. 

Second, make sure that the bit that you're using is made out of a hard material, such as metal, because softwood will destroy your bit.

Third, make sure that the bit is properly sharpened before attempting to drill a hole in your floor. 

Reasons Why You Should Drill a Hole in Your Floor

If you want to change the look or function of your floor, your best option may be to drill a hole in it. Core holes can provide a wealth of new possibilities for your floor, and they're easy to do. Here's what you need to know about core holes and how to drill one in your floor.