What Are The Benefits Of Waffle Pod Slabs?

Concrete waffle boards are widely used in industrial and commercial construction, while wood and metal waffle boards are used in various other construction sites. You can choose the waffle pod slabs for a cost-effective residential construction. The main reasons we recommend and that large construction companies use wafer pods are:

Its Faster:

– The waffle sheets are on the floor so digging is not a problem

– Our easy-to-use system just comes together in concrete formwork

Its Cheaper:

– You save money on concrete

– Save time setting up the stove

Save Time On the Construction Site:

– Wafer slabs are ready faster than concrete slabs

– They are easier for concrete and faster for builders

– You can work wet – different from conventional concrete slabs

Energy Efficient Improvement:

– The polystyrene cavity acts as an insulating bag and significantly reduces heat loss through the floor.

Plate performance Improvement:

– Wafer bearings are characterized by greater strength and stiffness than conventional base techniques, with greater resistance to cracking.

– Seismic strength 

Construction is carried out on a clean and level surface, which allows continuous operation in wet weather. Waffle irons offer exceptional strength and durability while significantly reducing construction costs.

The main advantage of this technology is its strong foundation, which includes crack and sag resistance. Wafer slabs also withstand much higher loads than traditional concrete slabs.