What Happens During Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is one of the newly emerging medical diagnosis and treatment methods these days. Osteopaths have been using this for years in order to determine certain health problems and help patients recover from them. Unlike traditional diagnosis with machines and tests, cranial osteopathy includes verbal and physical assessments. You can look for the best Osteopathy Clinic in Busselton, Australia to get osteopathy treatment.

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Below are some of the things that happen during the process.

The process starts with a verbal interview. A verbal interview is necessary in order for the osteopaths to know about the medical history of the patient. Medical histories can bring light to certain conditions more than one can imagine. 

Aside from this, osteopaths are likely to ask about the daily routines of the patient. This may include what the patients do at home and at work. After asking relevant questions to the patients, the osteopaths will proceed to the physical examination. 

After the interview and the physical exam, it is now time for the osteopaths to have their say. They will likely explain to you the things they have found out during the earlier parts of the process. 

They will pinpoint which areas are affected and which should be treated immediately. Right after the diagnosis, the osteopaths proceed to the treatment. This stage is what sets cranial osteopathy apart. 

You should keep in mind though that cranial osteopathy is not the quickest treatment. It is very efficient but it takes time. One of the reasons is because it focuses on treating the body as a whole rather than focusing on one part only.