What Is Interior Design and How Is It Different From Interior Decorating?

To start this journey an effort has to be made to answer the question,' What's Interior Design'; The National Council for Interior Design Qualification provides the following definition:'is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. You can find the best and reliable interior design services for your home at CityWest Investments.

These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of lifestyle and civilization of the occupants, and are visually appealing. Comparing this to the definitions supplied by The Free Dictionary to an interior decorator:'also known as interior designer someone whose profession is the preparation of their decor and decoration of the inside of homes, stores, etc.' 

Decorating 101 - Interior Design Basics

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Well, it's clear, based on both definitions above, the reason why there are two decks. 1 camp holds that the interior designer has been held to a high standard and contains considerably more instruction and layout responsibilities compared to the interior design, then there are people who pack them together as one as well. There are those that consider the designer a variant of an architect and the ones that consider them like being a house painter. No wonder there's confusion among the ranks.

So where would you draw the line between a designer and a decorator? Reverting back to the two definitions one can differentiate the vital difference. The definition of the designer describes the built interior environment' whereas the decorator suggests decorating and supplying' as the vital pursuits.

The higher quality is that the designer's skill and duties involve ripping walls, windows, flooring, light, electricity, in addition to advocating furniture and miscellaneous layout pieces. In a nutshell, the extent their function comprises the duties of a decorator, however, goes much farther.