Why Is 3D Modeling Important For Product Manufacturing Companies In Malaysia?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock these past several years, you have probably heard the terms “3D modeling” and “3D rendering” thrown around. But why is this technology so important, especially for product manufacturing companies?

In short, it reduces project time and cost. This gives manufacturers more leeway to experiment with designs. Companies that don't use 3D modeling technology are quickly falling behind the competition.

Some of the advantages of this 3D modeling are:

1. 3D modeling is the ideal method for prototyping products

Designers can use 3D modeling technology to create photorealistic product images. With high-quality textures and strategic lighting, these images are often better than the actual photos taken with the camera. To know more about the benefits of 3D modeling, you can also contact the best 3d modeling agency via https://dezpad.com/3d-animated-models/.

Viewers can see every little detail of the model in high resolution. 3D modeling services often add lighting, textures, and shadows to increase the realism of their digital images. Everything from light bouncing off glossy surfaces to soft chair textures is painted with precision to enhance the realism of the image.

2. Easier on a budget than photography

Although 3D modeling services can be expensive, they are still cheaper than hiring a professional photographer. After the long process of finding and hiring a photographer, you still need to plan your shoot. Sometimes you even need to organize multiple photos on different days depending on how much product needs to be taken.

3. You can see the physical properties of the product

3D modeling maps the exact proportions of objects in real life. This makes it easier for customers to compare products with other items in their household or with different versions of the same product. Within seconds they can switch different products in a virtual environment.

If an object doesn't match, they can easily replace it with another. Not surprisingly, this method is much easier than physically moving large objects.